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Staying up to date with your Nissan’s regularly scheduled maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. This integral part of caring for your vehicle not only extends your vehicle’s life, but it also helps keep you safe. This includes having your tires rotated when needed and replaced when the time comes. A good set of tires are an important line of defense when it comes to the safety of your vehicle and passengers, but their value is often under appreciated. Caring for your tires will give you peace of mind, confidence on the road, and it will also maximize your vehicle’s performance.

Why Grubbs NAPA?

Grubbs NAPA offers the highest quality service care. With Grubbs NAPA’s Service Department, you can always expect a world-class experience in automotive service. Our service advisors and trained technicians provide the professional care you deserve. We will take care of you and get you safely back on the road before you know it. Taking your vehicle to Grubbs NAPA’s Service Center ensures that your vehicle will get the right service. You can rest assured our certified technicians are knowledgeable with your vehicle.

When Do You Change Your Tires?

As with any vehicle maintenance service, it’s important to consult your Owner’s Manual for the recommended scheduled intervals for all your vehicle’s regular maintenance. That includes rotating and changing tires. Want an expert opinion? You can also stop by Grubbs NAPA and ask one of our service advisors. Our experts will determine if your tires are harming the performance of your vehicle or are unsafe to drive on. It’s always important to remain aware of the condition your vehicle is in, including the way it looks and feels. Some newer tires even have built-in treat-wear indicator bars. Here are some signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for service.

  • Balding tires with tread worn below the minimum depth
  • Tires not gripping the road
  • Cracked and weathered sidewalls
  • Blisters or bulges
  • Unusual vibrations

The frequency that a tire change is needed will also depend on driving conditions and habits. Changing worn tires is particularly imperative if you drive in wet or slippery conditions. If you notice any of these or feel unsure or uncomfortable about your vehicle’s performance, stop by Grubbs NAPA to get your vehicle inspected by our certified technicians.

The Benefits of Having New Tires

Changing your tires will immediately improve performance. With more traction and grip on the ground, your vehicle will take more secure turns, stop easier, and accelerate with more confidence. Plus, it’s safer too. New tires improve the overall driving efficiency of your vehicle compared to those with worn tires. In fact, even your vehicle’s fuel economy improved.

Questions or concerns? Have your tires rotated or replaced by the experts. The team at Grubbs NAPA is ready to assist you, so call in or stop by today.